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Thursday, July 26, 2018

video review: 'marlowe' by l'orange & solemn brigham

So this was great, definitely going to be overlooked by a fair number of folks this year (sadly), but definitely is worth your time, check it out!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

album review: 'marlowe' by l'orange and solemn brigham

So I'll freely admit I don't cover or listen to a lot of instrumental hip-hop. I'm not against it by any stretch - especially when the producers bring in a more grainy, textured collage of samples that can have its own distinctive personality and tone, that's so up my alley - but it's the sort of thing for which I need to be in the mood, and where I want to do my due diligence ensuring I understand the producer's foundations, which can involve some lengthy listens.

Such was the case for L'Orange, producer affiliated with Mello Music Group and who has been steadily putting out both instrumental projects and collaborations with MCs across the 2010s... and I'll admit that I might be more of a fan of his production than the rappers he brings onboard! There's a warmth and aged grime to L'Orange's collage of samples pulled from old movies and an uncanny knack for blending them into low-key but remarkably catchy grooves - some have cited comparisons to Madlib but across more projects I'd argue L'Orange's work can feel a bit more cohesive and understated, pulling from a different, older set of reference points for his recontextualization... so much so that I'd argue some MCs just aren't quite in sync with his thematic ambition. Now he's definitely had his high points - my favourite might be The Mad Writer although last year's The Ordinary Man had a special kind of magic to it - so I was optimistic when I saw he was teaming up with Solemn Brigham, who had done reasonably well in his features on that last album and were set for a full-length self-titled collaboration under the name Marlowe. Seventeen tracks, but clocking below forty minutes to keep things surprisingly brief, I was definitely curious where this could go, so what did we get from Marlowe?