Monday, March 21, 2016

video review: 'all my demons greeting me as a friend' by aurora

As I said, better than expected. Not great, probably will be forgotten in a week or two, but generally alright, I guess.

Next up... man, I need more time for Denzel Curry and Southern Family... so it's a good thing Billboard BREAKDOWN is up next, so stay tuned!

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  1. Mark, as an electronica snob, for your Billboard Breakdown, I would like to give you a kind and respectful reason on why you should like the 98th new song "Light It Up" by Major Lazer Ft. Nyla (Fuse ODG Remix).

    For one, You probably don't know this since you did not cover the groups newest album, "Peace Is The Mission", but the L.I.U. remix is one of the best songs off of that extended album, mostly because of that precise trumpet melodic groove, combined with a damn awesome synth groove. The vocal melody of Nyla herself is very catchy and talks about simply having a good time with her lover or maybe a friend. The beat and instrumentation that leads into the trumpet verse on Nyla's part is very up-lifting, especially the line "Gimme the ting and make me rock in a dance". Fuse ODG's verse in the remix is, well, not as good, but the melody line for "1 by 1 let me see you" and so on is pretty catchy too when you listen to it too much. The video that accompanies the song is also pretty cool, as the tribal feel makes the song itself seem unique, which I like.

    I hope I changed your mind about the song, because I really love it. Also, please pick the right one, as there are two versions. The remix with Fuse ODG is the one playing now from the Extended Album, NOT the original with just Nyla. :) I know though that you are going to say good things about the 100th new song, "Fast Car" by jonas Blue, so I don't think I need to explain myself there. Also, I am the same youtuber who keeps requesting the new Kygo album, "Cloud Nine", so I will say it until the end of May, please review it! It would be the first Tropical house album to review on youtube! Thank you and please acknowledge this comment somehow. :)